Health Resource 4 U covers a range of topics, from beauty, diet, and general fitness, through to information about various medical conditions. Though not the most popular medical blog on the web, it does reach over 170,000 people each month, making it a worthwhile consideration. Articles should exceed 1,000 words in length and cover a medical-related topic, with authors asked to focus on making their work as reader-friendly as possible, meaning you’ll likely need to explain any industry jargon used or link to sources that do. The blog bans affiliate links, so you can’t use it to sell a product, however, writers can place one dofollow link in their bios. Beyond that, the blog is fairly easy to post for, requires no fee, and may even offer payment if you provide work of a particularly high standard.



MOZ Rank: 4.92 / 10 | Page Rank: 3 / 10 | Domain Authority: 34.12 | Alexa Rank: 456,118

Backlinks: allowed

Average Monthly Visitors: 174,260 (estimated using

Average Page View per Visit: 1.50 (estimated using

Country of Audience: United States, India, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Australia (estimated using

Frequency Of Publishing New Article: approximately 20 posts/month

Other Sub-Topics Covered: Disease, Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Health, Exercise related, etc.

Requirements / Approval Criteria for Guest Blogging:

Make sure your article has minimum word count of 1000+ word.
Add image or video to your article, as you might know, images speaks a lot.
Health Resource 4 U do not allow affiliate link anywhere inside the article.
One dofollow link branding in the author bio. You are allowed to put your website link at the end of the article along with author bio. They do not allow keyword links.

Information Last Updated: 15 June 2017