The name may be a little off-putting to some, but Hell Bound Bloggers is currently one of the fastest-growing sites in the blogging community, reaching over 260,000 people each month and falling within the top 100,000 in the Alexa rankings. Those looking to join its community of over 600 guest bloggers benefit from a fairly lax backlinking policy but must submit original content that isn’t duplicated anywhere else and sign up to the site using a special invitation code. Beyond that, the site asks that its writers respond to any comments their articles generate and that articles are about 600 to 1,500 words in length.



MOZ Rank: 5.23 / 10 | Page Rank: 3 / 10 | Domain Authority: 40.77 | Alexa Rank: 74,653

Backlinks: allowed

Average Monthly Visitors: 263,116 (estimated using

Average Page View per Visit: 1.84 (estimated using

Country of Audience: India, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Canada (estimated using

Frequency Of Publishing New Article: approximately 3 posts/day

Other Sub-Topics Covered: Social Media, Technology, WordPress, Product Reviews, and Internet Tips.

Requirements / Approval Criteria for Guest Blogging:

HBB allowing Bloggers to use 2 of their own links on their guest post. You can use one link on the Author bio and you can link your existing article inside the body.
HBB don’t accept “Keyword” links.

Information Last Updated: 15 June 2017