One of the most popular medical blogs on the web, Science Based Medicine reaches over 3 million people monthly, which means your posts really have to reach a high standard for acceptance. The site’s editorial team consists of physicians who will closely vet any work submitted and sources used, making this an option for the medical industry professional above all else. An emphasis is placed on original writing and authors have some flexibility in terms of their writing styles, meaning humor and creativity are encouraged. However, the site specifically bans promotional links of all kinds and encourages writers to read its current content to ensure they offer the correct tone and subject matter. No specific word count is provided, however, it is not uncommon to see posts going beyond 3,000 words so detail tends to be valued over succinctness.



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Average Monthly Visitors: 3,400,000 (estimated using

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Country of Audience: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands (estimated using

Frequency Of Publishing New Article: approximately 1 post/day

Other Sub-Topics Covered: Religion, Politics and Regulation, Nutrition, Humor, History, Basic Science, etc.

Requirements / Approval Criteria for Guest Blogging:

Do not submit content that contains a promotional link.
Guest contributors are welcome to re-publish elsewhere after articles have been available on SBM exclusively for one week.
The main requirement is intellectual rigour: make a well-reasoned, science-based point about health care, and it has a good chance of being published. (This excludes clickbait — no listicles or infographics).

Information Last Updated: 15 June 2017